Our vision:

We believe in the rule of law and a society that can trust the work of law enforcement institutions. Our vision is to have an effective and professional investigation process in Latvia that would strengthen the citizens’ trust in a judicial state system and prevent further criminal offenses.

Our goals:

  1. To strengthen public trust in the work of law enforcement institutions;
  2. To strengthen the understanding of the rule of law in a society;
  3. To promote the public awareness of problems encountered by the law enforcement institutions and possible solutions;
  4. To promote communication between society, individual, and law enforcement institutions;
  5. To support and initiate international exchange of experience and attraction of foreign experts to work for the Latvian law enforcement institutions.

Core values:

Openness, responsibility, courage and justice.

 Working principles:

  1. We will cooperate closely with all individuals and groups, profit-generating and non-profit companies and organisations, as well as with international organisations whose working principles comply with our vision and/or which would contribute to reaching our goals;
  2. In our work we will be open, persistent, objective and responsible;
  3. Our opinions and positions will be based on an objective and critical analysis of information in line with the highest research standards;
  4. We will respect and promote the rule of law in society;
  5. We will support initiatives that facilitate achievement of our goals and promote a systemic change in the work of law enforcement institutions targeted especially towards professionalism and efficiency;
  6. We will stand for an active role of law enforcement institutions and their supervisory officials in promoting and ensuring the rule of law in the country.