500 000 EUR reward for the extradition of Martins Bunkus murder orderers.

500 000 EUR reward for the extradition of Martins Bunkus murder orderers, performers and supporters

On 30 May 2018, the Attorney at Law and state official, Mr Martins Bunkus, was shot dead. Until now, the orderers, performers, and supporters of the murder of Mr Bunkus have not been punished. The family of Mr Bunkus hereby announces a reward of 500 000 euros for orderers, performers, and supporters of the murder.


A brutal murder of a state official and a person belonging to the judicial system has happened. It is an incident unprecedented last decade in the European Union. Investigation of such a murder should become a priority of the state. The goal of investigation should be not only to resolve the murder professionally and hold the orderers and performers liable for the offence, but also to prevent such offences from happening in future. Such an approach of state officials and law enforcement agencies could acknowledge the existence of the Latvian judicial system and strengthen the confidence of inhabitants in the rule of law. However, currently, it seems that one of the cruellest murders in the history of Latvia is purposefully localised and silenced.


As opposed to the rare public announcements, the management of the police has been indecisive and cautious. The responsible politicians and officials, who expressed certain determination to find those responsible for the murder on the day of the murder, soon demonstrated their powerlessness and lost interest in the investigation. Promises of officials about intensive and professional investigation have not turned into any results.


On 30 May 2018, corruptive actions of Latvian officials in the financial market supervision had been in the spotlight in Latvia and in the international arena for several months. At the same time, Latvia dealt with the trust crisis in the banking sector, which was initiated by the most severe allegations in the history of the Latvian financial market made by Latvian partners regarding money laundering. Moreover, it was the time when the clash of the fiercest pre-election interests, and launching of the black election campaigns took place, a component of whichsoon after the murder, was most probably intentionally made also Mr Bunkus.


Mr Bunkus was actively working to ensure that the process of Latvian banking sector arrangement would be developed to be beneficial for the state, rather than used to implement personal interests of the interested parties. At the same time, Mr Bunkus continued working on administering insolvent companies. He was an active opponent trying to prevent the possibly unlawful activities of the persons involved in the abovementioned processes. Considering the above, Mr Bunkus, possibly, endangered political and financial interests of influential persons and became an obstacle for their initiatives and distribution of influence. The motive of Mr Bunkus’ murder, in our opinion, most likely was his professional activity. We believe that the high degree of planning and military handwriting of the murder proves the abovementioned. A murder of such scale could be most likely committed only by criminals with significant resources at hand.


We hereby ask you to provide any information regarding the identities of orderers, executors and performers of the murder of M. Bunkus, their location and route before and after May 30, 2018, as well as any other information regarding the activities of orderers, executors and performers and/or persons related to them. Inter alia, to ensure the professional and honest investigation process of M. Bunkus’ murder, M. Bunkus’ family encourages responding every person who has information regarding individuals, including former and/or current politicians, public officials, and other persons who, possibly, put or have put any obstacles in the course of the M. Bunkus murder investigation. Including possible negligence and/or unlawful actions of such persons, including misuse of official position, corruption, blackmailing and fraud with regard to M. Bunkus’ murder and/or the course of its investigation.

Persons who have any kind of information are asked to contact us via phone: + 371 24 339 339 or e-mail: bunkus@protonmail.com, or turn to the legal address of “Martins Bunkus Justice Foundation”, 12–5 Alberta Street, Riga, LV-1010. Anonymity guaranteed.