What happened? Who was Martins Bunkus? Attorney at law.


Martins was a sworn lawyer with more than 18 years’ professional work experience. He led a successful law firm, and worked as a public official – an insolvency administrator.

In his practice, Martins often undertook extensive and complex cases related to the restructuring of companies and implementation of large investment projects, as well as represented clients in significant legal proceedings. He had an in-depth knowledge of legal framework of credit institutions and financial market.

During the last years of his life M. Bunkus insisted on improvement of the banking environment in Latvia to the advantage of the whole country, rather than the selfish interests of some individuals.

Meanwhile, he continued his duties in the administration of insolvent companies. He was an active opponent of the alleged illegal actions of those involved in these processes.


Martins Bunkus


On 30 May 2018, at around 8:40 am on Aizsaules Street 1, Riga, Latvia, M. Bunkus was shot dead. The murder occurred in broad daylight in a public place while M. Bunkus was driving in his car past a cemetery not far from the main headquarters of the State Police.

The brutal murder of a public and a judicial figure is an unprecedented crime in the recent history both in Latvia and the European Union. According to the public statement of the police,

the murder was carefully planned in advance and was committed by at least two people with an automatic weapon.

And the alleged cause of the crime is thought to be related to the professional activities of M. Bunkus. The police also confirmed that

an orange-red Volkswagen LT van with a double cabin and a cargo box that was fitted with a red or orange tarpaulin was used to commit the murder.

The car had a fake state registration plate with the number JD 5960. Shortly after the murder the vehicle was found burning not far from the crime scene –next to the crematorium and the railroad tracks.

Crime scene Aizsaules iela 1Photo: LETA

Crime scene Aizsaules iela 1Photo: LETA

Vehicle used in commission of crime (after burning)Photo: Latvian State Police

Vehicle used in commission of crime (similar)Photo: Latvian State Police

A firearm stand used in a crimePhoto: Latvian State Police

A firearm stand used in a crimePhoto: Latvian State Police